Our Philosophy

Founded by Joseph Simon, a visionary pharmacist at the end of the XIX century, we have been caring for you since 1860. To care means observing, listening, progressing and respecting people and nature. Nowadays caring for you goes much beyond the fact of caring about your skin.

Beauty and health should be part of global care program. The health of your skin is the reflection of your global physical and psychological health. It simply cannot be dissociated. That is why you can rely on us to develop solutions that will always be associated with natural nutritional practices and overall well-being.
Free of paraben, alcohol, silicone, sulfate, colourings & phenoxyethanol
Les Thés de Monsieur Simon
Free of caffeine, added sugar, flavouring & colouring
Les Remèdes de Monsieur Simon
No added flavouring, colouring, preservative and allergan. Suitable for vegans.


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Crème Simon
Caring for you since 1860
Founded by Joseph Simon at the end of the XIX century, this multi-generational iconic brand has been making people feel better, inside out, with a focus on beauty.

As a holistic lifestyle brand selling award-winning natural skin care products, we will always remain authentic and true to our French apothecary wellness roots. A timeless and honest brand with the legitimacy of a pharmacist, we are comfortable with the fact that skin, beauty and health are part of a whole, and that skincare has its limits. That is why we are driven to develop only meaningful and useful natural ingredients in our products that are safe, efficient, that provide your skin with only what it needs to be perfectly cleansed, moisturised, detoxed, oxygenated, protected, and preserved. In other words, healthy skin.

Free of controversial ingredients, Crème Simon skincare is free of paraben, alcohol, silicone, oil, sulfates, colourings and phenoxyethanol. Non-comedogenic, with proven efficacy through in-vivo, vitro and dermatological in-use tests, users have seen visible improvements with regular use over 4 to 8 weeks.

But skincare is only cosmetic. Diet, stress, sleep, hormones, pollution and lifestyle choices all have an accumulated impact on the skin we have.  Because the health of your skin is a reflection of your global physical and psychological health, we have also developed nutritional complementary solutions to sustain a holistic approach to beauty. From organic diabetic-friendly detoxifying teas free of caffeine, added sugar, flavourings and colourings, to preservative-free, antioxidant-rich natural supplements suitable for vegans, we believe the beauty of your skin relies on your global physical and psychological health. Because how we feel, what we do, affect how we feel and look on the outside.

Made in 1860. Made in France.
Made with Natural Ingredients. Made to Feel Better.