Brightening Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment

Suitable for all climates
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Make dark circles a distant memory with this one of a kind eye treatment pen. Featuring a twist head that allows you to control the amount of eye gel needed for application, massage away fine lines and puffiness with five metal micro-spheres that aids in boosting blood circulation and reducing dark circles.

Refreshing eye gel: Ideal lightweight texture for sensitive eye areas, to prevent “eye seeds” formation.
More hygienic and efficient twist pen design: First twist-to-dispense mechanism lets you control the amount of eye gel needed for use and also prevents contamination.
Rollerball treatment pen: Features five metal micro-spheres to compress eye bags and boost blood circulation.
Multi-benefits with unique botanical extracts: With active ingredients to target fine lines, dark eye circles, puffy eye bags.
Over 90% natural ingredients: with stabilisers used in organic baby care.

0% Paraben, Silicone, Oil, Alcohol, Colourings, Phenoxyethanol.

Daily Eye Treatment
Twist the head of the pen in anti-clockwise direction to the ON position. Squeeze tube gently to dispense the amount of eye gel needed, then twist the pen back into the OFF position. Gently roll pen around the eye area, starting from outer corners of eyes in clockwise direction inwards.

Intensive Eye Treatment
Twist to ON position to dispense, and roll on double the amount around eyes. Leave on for 2-3 minutes before using ring finger to massage in, for less tired and more plumped-up looking under-eyes.

Nasalabial Fold & Lip
Follow steps as above for nasalabial fold areas, to diminish the appearance of “laugh or smile” lines. Do also apply around the lip line to reduce surrounding fine lines. Leave on double amount and let it sit 2 - 3 minutes before massaging in with ring finger.

Featuring Active Ingredients That Work

1) Special Botanical Extract of Butcher’s Broom, Water Pennywort, Calendula, Horse Chestnut and Licorice Extract
• Constrict and protect the blood vessels and capillaries.
• Relieve fluid retention.
• Improve micro-circulation and reduce pooling to brighten eyes.

2) Tetrapeptides
• For anti-eye bag and anti-dark circles activity, with draining and decongesting effect.
• Stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers in dermis.

3) 1860 Signature Activ-Fleur Complex
A secret maceration of our botanical elixir of 11 pure flowers and plants first discovered by Joseph Simon in 1860, now clinically proven to gently brighten, oxygenate and regenerate new skin cells. Find out more about our Activ-Fleur Complex >>

4) Freshly Harvested Rose, Iris, and Jasmine Extracts
Oxygenate and promote toxin elimination and skin cell renewal, for luminosity and clarity.

5) Organic Wheat Oligosaccharides Complex
Boosts brightening efficacy through reduction of skin pigmentation and melanogenesis inhibition.

6) Botanical Glycerin
One of the best hypoallergenic moisturising ingredient till today. First discovered by Joseph Simon as a humectant in skincare in 1860, and continues to be frequently used in all skincare today. Unlike many brands, we continue to extract our superior glycerin from natural plants instead of the cheaper synthetic options, often made from animal or petroleum-based ingredients. Time-proven ingredient with hydroscopic properties to help draw and bind water molecules from the environment into skin. It still is one of the most reliable and gentle moisture-balancing agent, even for oily skin.

Full Ingredient List
Aqua (water), polyglyceryl-4 caprate, butylene glycol, glycerin, polymethyl methacrylate, sodium polyacrylate, pentylene glycol, glyceryl caprylate, panthenol, ethylhexylglycerin, xanthan gum, hydrolyzed wheat flour, disodium EDTA, escin, parfum (fragrance)*, ruscus aculeatus root extract, ammonium glycyrrhizate, centella asiatica extract, hydrolyzed yeast protein, calendula officinalis flower extract, sodium citrate, iris pallida leaf cell extract, jasminum sambac (jasmine) leaf cell extract, rosa damascena leaf cell extract, acetyl tetrapeptide-5, tocopherol, linalool, benzyl salicylate
* fragrance from natural ingredients



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  • Diminish puffy eyes

    I absolutely love this product. Its so easy to apply and so effective at diminishing my puffy eyes.

    - Colette
  • Fine lines less obvious

    I really do like this product, noticed my fine lines were less obvious.

    - Cecelia
  • Relieve my puffy eyes

    I have not seen a lot of difference with my dark circles but it really helped my puffy eyes.

    - Priscilla
  • Brighter eyes

    I really like this Eye Treatment, I noticed my eye looking a lot brighter.

    - Sasha
  • Bigger is better

    Glad that you guys came up with a bigger version, the small one was way too little.

    - Kara
  • In love

    Bought this for the beautiful packaging, and now I'm in love with the product.

    - Blair
  • In love

    Bought this for the beautiful packaging, and now I'm in love with the product.

    - Blair
  • HG forever

    This eye pen has been my holy grail. I've tried so many other eye pens but all of them gave me problems, except this.

    - Janelle
  • Packaging is beautiful

    I love this new pacakaging, the blue and copper is beautiful.

    - Merry M.
  • Innovative and hygienic packaging

    I love how this eye pen saves product. The packaging is so innovative.

    - Demi K.
  • Prefer this to old one

    Definitely prefer this over the older version. The 5 metals balls is really relaxing and helps with blood circulation.

    - Macie
  • Luxurious

    I apply this after my entire skincare routine. Feels so luxurious!

    - Edie
  • Smells amazing

    This product smells amazing. Love applying it before bed.

    - Siti
  • Gel not cream

    I love the texture of this product, and I love how it's gel, not cream!

    - Hanny
  • No eye seeds

    This eye pen doesn't cause eye seeds unlike many other eye creams that I've tried.

    - Wan Ling
  • Doing Magic

    I am a very emotional person so whenever I watch sad movies, I will cry and wake up with crazy puffy eyes. I have been using this product to help prevent that from happening, and it's been doing its magic!

    - Hui Ting
  • less dark circles

    I have dark circles and eye bags due to lack of sleep (uni student here), and since I started using this, my eyebags and circles have lessened!

    - Rosemary
  • Look alive

    I will definitely repurchasing this. Friends have commented I look more alive after using it.

    - Carly
  • Super relaxing

    This eye is super relaxing, I love the cool metal balls on my skin. Its very gentle and calming!

    - Carly
  • Feels so good

    I love the sensation that it brings when I massage my eye area. This eye pen really helps depuff my eyes, and I love the convenient On/Off cap. Best eye treatment ever!

    - April
  • Good


    - Thidaporn
  • incroyable!

    Mes poches sous les yeux se sont améliorés après avoir utilisé régulièrement. Continuera d'utiliser ce!

    - Solene
  • Great packaging

    I've never seen a packaging like this before. It allows you to control the amount you want, unlike those other brands where you massasge and more more product comes out.

    - Lee Sa
  • Gel form

    There are so many eye treatment that are in cream form, hardly any in gel form. Really glad I found this.

    - Haley
  • relaxed eyes

    I do find that my eyes feel a lot more relaxed after using this product regularly.

    - Gloria Koo
  • Little goes a long way

    Lovely packaging. A little goes a long with this one too. I don't squeeze too much as I am pretty prone to eye seeds.

    - Aileen
  • Eye bag improving

    I use this alternate nights as I'm really scared of getting eye seeds. Had a pretty bad experience with one. So far, using this on alternate days has not caused any eye seeds and I do notice some improvements in my eye bags.

    - Lavender
  • Notice a difference

    Awesome product. Noticed my eye bags looking less noticeable.

    - Tiffany
  • 5 stars for 5 balls

    Wonderful product. The 5 cool metal balls are really relaxing!

    - Laura
  • Great

    This product is great for people with puffy eyes. My mum and I both use this

    - Anne
  • GF does not look like a zombie anymore

    Great product for people who look like zombies in the mornings (like my GF). Her dark circles are gone and that convinced me to try it too.

    - Rory
  • Comforting massage

    I usually massage this under my eye for a good 3 minutes. I find comfort in this.

    - Kelly
  • No eye seeds

    Been looking for a eye treatment that doesn't cause eye seeds, so glad that this doesn't.

    - Emmy
  • Massaging tool is nice

    Have been using this for a few nights, not much difference yet. But this massaging tool is really comforting.

    - Cassandra

    This product has been my holy grail! It is really great to depuff your eyes.

    - Dorothy
  • Bright eyes

    I noticed brighter eyes after a 2 weeks of consistently applying this.

    - Hidayah
  • Highly recommend

    I will be recommending this to my friends. It has significantly brightened my eye area.

    - Princess O
  • Night owl favourite

    This is an awesome product for people like who get really little sleep or stay out late. I do feel like I don't look as scary in the mornings now.

    - Maggie
  • Puffy eyes gone

    This product has been really great to combat my puffy eyes. I really enjoy massaging the roller ball too!

    - Pearl
  • Satisfying

    The cooling sensation of the metal cool ball and the product lathering under your eye is the most satisfying feeling ever. I feel so ready for bed after!

    - Mae Tze
  • Look more alive

    My eye have never looked more alive! Been using this for a few days, and I notcied my under eyes looking less dark.

    - Jessie
  • Amazing!

    Wow! This product is really amazing. I have noticed gradual improvements of my eye circles, and my fine lines are not as visible as well.

    - Hanis Syahirah
  • Amazing!

    Wow! This product is really amazing. I have noticed gradual improvements of my eye circles, and my fine lines are not as visible as well.

    - Hanis Syahirah
  • No more puffy eyes after sad movie marathon

    I was watching a really sad movie and cried so much, I usually get super puffy eyes the next morning, but after using this the night before, nobody could tell I cried!
    Recommended for all sad movie lovers like me =)

    - Ci Xin Teoh
  • Relaxing and cooling balls

    The metal balls are relaxing and cooling when applied. I really enjoy this last step of my skincare routine.

    - Sonja
  • Fallen in love

    I have fallen in love with this product. My eye bags are a lot less noticeable. People have even started asking me what I've done.

    - Sandy
  • Improved product, prefer this

    I really like this so much better than the previous one. The 5 metal balls really makes a difference.

    - Jamilah
  • Great ingredients

    Great product with great ingredients. Will repurchase!

    - Faye
  • Natural and good

    Love how this product is all natural, I think that is really important to me, and I'm glad I found it.

    - Xue Ping
  • Really relaxing

    Love this soooo much. It's incredibly relaxing when applied before bed.

    - Jacelyn
  • Eye muscles more relaxed

    I have been using this everyday and I really enjoy the massaging part. My eye muscles actually do feel more relaxed.

    - Priya
  • Love this!

    Love this product! I wake up looking so much more alive.

    - Coco
  • Fast & Effective Results!

    I’ve been battling dark undereye circles for many years & have tried many different products with no results. Been using this Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment (MBET) for 5 days & those dark circles have lighten tremendously! Even my colleagues have noticed the diff. Will definitely re-purchase the MBET. Great product!

    - Amanda
  • So relaxing!

    Massaging the 5 metal balls on your skin is so relaxing. I have been seeing gradual improvement for my puffy eyes.

    - Cheryl
  • No eye seeds!

    The lightweight consistency helps prevent eye seeds, which is fantastic, as I face that issue with many other eye products. Love the floral scent as well!

    - Denise
  • Soothe puffy eyes and moisturize!

    It does soothe my puffy eyes and moisturizes the eye area. It did not really help in my dark eye circles, probably I have to use it longer to have better results. Like the ball tip since it's convenient to massage my eyes and apply the gel at the same time.

    - Becca

    Winner of "Best Eye Treatment (Depuffing)"
    SINGAPORE WOMEN'S WEEKLY Best Beauty Buys 2017

    Winner of "Best Eye Treatment (Depuffing)"
    SINGAPORE WOMEN'S WEEKLY Best Beauty Buys 2019