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Belle Peau (Beautiful Skin) is in

Love your skin even more. Read on why Crème Simon is a game changer when it comes to transforming how you care for your skin.


Drink to this!


Delight in healthy skin. When you take care of your health, it shows on your skin too! That’s why it complementing skin care with what you eat or drink matters as much as the creams and moisturizers. 


Crème Simon continuously revolutionizes skin care. Who knew that teatime could also mean skin care? Crème Simon has made a range of herbal tea for radiant skin. Packed with powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help delay signs of aging, relieve psoriasis and eczema, and clear acne. Drinking a cup of the fragrant and romantic blend before bedtime truly feels like luxury at home. Now, we can cheers to that! 

A little goes a long way!


Looking for the perfect lightweight skin repairing moisturizer is a thing of the past. The gel-cream texture of Crème Simon’s moisturizer packs a punch on skin benefits without the thickness of heavy creams.  Smartly packaged in a hygienic airless pump, it’s easy to apply the concentrated and potent natural formulation that refines and nourishes skin while you sleep. Wake up energized and with youthful-looking skin!


The secret’s out!

With so many awards under its belt: Winner of ELLE Beauty Treat List 2018 - Best All-Round Beautifying Supplement & CLEO Clear Skin Awards 2018 - Best Supplement for Skin and Hair. No wonder people love what this all-natural food supplement has to offer. Start your journey to better skin and healthier hair. You and your love ones deserve all the pampering to a beautiful year.   


This article originally appeared in Esther Leong’s blog: https://www.estherleong.com/single-post/Feel-Beautiful-with-Creme-Simon