This 100% organic blend is a simple, safe and gentle way to aid your body’s inherent ability to boost metabolism, digestion and cleanse these toxins accumulated from our daily lifestyle.

  • Organic Ginger: Breaks down accumulated toxins in our organs and cleanse lymphatic system.
  • Organic Lemongrass: Increase blood circulation and relieve fluid retention.
  • Organic Liquorice Root: To stimulate breakdown of fats, balance metabolism, and ease adrenal fatigue.
  • Lemon Peel: Support the cleansing of toxins in the liver.
  • Organic Spearmint: To alleviate indigestion, cramps, bloating and nausea.
  • Makes 40 cups

Regular consumption of this caffeine-free blend will also boost natural radiance and immunity. However, substituting sugary drinks with caffeine-free tea should never be a full replacement for a balanced diet, regular exercise, and restful sleep.

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Suggested Serving for one cup: Add 1 heaped teaspoon of tea leaves into a tea bag. Steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Suggested Serving for one pot: Add 1 heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per cup plus one additional teaspoonful into a tea bag or into the pot. Steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 3 to 5 minutes.

The refreshing and robust flavours of Crème Simon’s Wellness Tea makes it ideal for tea recipes that highlight the quality of the blend, while enhancing the flavour dimensions.

For a Quick Cold Brew
Brew tea with half the amount of hot water for 5-7 minutes, add ice cubes.

For Added Boost
Add raw sliced ginger, and lemongrass stalks, if preferred.

To Soothe a Throat or Cold
Add some honey and/or slice of lemon.

How should I store the tea after opening?

To ensure your tea retains its flavour after opening, do close the lid of the tin tightly after each use.

Does tea expire?

As with most food and beverages, all our teas come with an expiry date, and we recommend enjoying them before they expire to ensure you get to experience them with their full benefits and flavours.


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  • Feels great and reduces bloat

    I always feel great after drinking this after a heavy meal, makes me feel less bloated and congested.

    - Stella
  • Family dinner cure

    This tea really helps with indigestion, I ALWAYS prepare a pot of this tea after big family meals or big dinner events and make everyone drink a cup-ful. It helps !

    - Audrey
  • Helps constipation

    I swear by this tea to help constipation, you see the effects almost instantaneously.

    - Jia Ling
  • Detox

    I drink this daily in the office, just put a teabag full in my water bottle and I'm detoxing while hydrating with water. Win for all

    - Hazel A
  • Best when hot

    I served this to my MIL when she was feeling sick and it relieved a bit of her discomfort. We're fans of this now

    - Melanie
  • Not a fan of ginseng but this is alright

    Not really a fan of ginseng but tried this tea since it was given as a gift. Surprisingly i like it and now buying my second tin

    - Claire
  • Flush out toxins

    The ginseng in this tea can be quite overpowering, but it really does help flush out toxins in your body.

    - Mae Ling
  • Good for indigestion

    good for helping with indigestion, been making my husband drink it too

    - Felicia Toh
  • Worth the money

    I put about 1 small teaspoon and the taste it already so strong. Really worth the money!

    - Jake
  • Great drink

    This is absolutely amazing! Have been recommending it to my friends to help with all their stomach problems

    - Matthew
  • I like this

    I really enjoy drinking this tea!

    - Lydia Ezra
  • Not for everyone, but yes for me

    This tea is definitely not for everyone, have couple of friends telling me its too strong. But I really enjoy this!

    - Allyson
  • Help bloatedness

    Best drank after a super heavy meal.

    - Megan H
  • Great for constipation

    After drinking this tea regularly, I noticed that I've been able to do my buisness quite regularly too.

    - Alyssa
  • Nice

    This tea is best drank on a nice cooling afternoon. The ginseng taste is not too strong but just right, plus I know its healthy.

    - Ivy
  • Morning ritual

    Love having this every morning, its very refreshing and helps me open up my appetite.

    - Sara
  • Comforting

    This tea is really comforting. I drink it every alternate day.

    - Faith
  • Everyday tea

    This has been a great everyday tea. I am obsessed.

    - Molly
  • After workout drink

    I drink this after a workout. Feels great!

    - Ling J.
  • Ginseng smells so good

    I knew I had to have this after smelling the strong ginseng.

    - Iris
  • Love ginger!

    I love anything ginger, so when I found out this was a ginger tea I was naturally inclined to trying this out. This tea comes in loose tea leaves, which allows you to choose any amount of tea leaves to put in your tea. Love it!

    - En Qi
  • Really helps constipation!

    The ginger taste can be a little strong, so avoid putting too much tea leaves. I drink this to relieve my constipation. It works so quickly!

    - MissySarahX

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