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Sleeping Beauty: The importance of a pre-bedtime skincare ritual

Spread the word, beauty sleep really does exist! In conjunction with Skincare Awareness Month, we explore how sleep - something all of us do daily can have an effect on our skin.

No matter if you are a princess enchanted to an eternal sleep or just a regular woman juggling work and personal life, a good night’s sleep is essential for healthier skin.

Did you know that the skin regenerates a new layer every 28 days? The largest organ in our bodies, the skin acts as a barrier between the body and the rest of world, hard at work keeping harmful elements at bay. Even though it’s capable of self-healing and regeneration, just like the rest of the organs in our body, a little extra help in making sure our skin stays healthy goes a long way.

The skin on your face is the most delicate part, susceptible to external factors such as dust and dirt, and internal factors such as stress and physical health. Common skincare advice we’ve all heard before still ring true – drinking plenty of water on a regular basis, maintaining a balanced diet and keeping our face clean should all be regularly practiced in our daily life. However, the one thing we frequently overlook is getting enough sleep.

Research shows that people who are sleep deprived develop more fine lines, reduced skin elasticity and uneven skin pigmentation. Lack of sleep also causes the breakdown of collagen, the molecules needed to give skin its glow and bounce, along with reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood which causes the skin to appear ashy and blotchy.

The key to avoiding this – getting a full night’s sleep, at least 7-9 hours each night to allow the skin enough time to mend itself from the day’s external stressors. When we sleep, the skin gets straight to work healing and mending all the damage accumulated from the day. Cells are renewed and rejuvenated – essential for healthy and rosy skin, which helps us look better when we wake up.

While clocking in enough hours of sleep is important, what you do before you go to bed also makes an important difference to your complexion. It may be tempting to skip the routine of a pre-bedtime skincare ritual, but making this a habit supports the natural skin healing process and pays off in the long run to feeling and looking better.

No matter if you are a skincare pro or just a beginner, here are the few nighttime skincare tips for healthier and radiant skin:

  • Remove all makeup as soon as you reach home and cleanse the face with a gentle face wash. An exfoliating face scrub should be used at least twice a week to help unclog pores and clear away old skin cells.

  • Apply toner after cleansing to rebalance the skin and prep it for serum and moisturizer.

  • Serum should be used sparingly – a little goes a long way and applied on before moisturiser as this highly-concentrated fluid penetrates deeper into the skin, delivering nutrients as well as hydration.

  • Night moisturiser is a crucial step to ensure the skin is to reduce signs of aging. Apply a dime-sized dollop and massage in upward, circular motions.

  • For an overnight radiance boost, use a leave on sleeping mask after your skincare routine and wake up to more radiant and hydrated skin.

While implementing a pre-bedtime skincare routine leads to benefits while we slumber, ensuring we fully drop-off into deep sleep is also a key factor. Invest in comfortable bed sheets, darken the room or enjoy a warm cup of tea with peppermint or chamomile. Pop on an eye mask and put on your favourite nature sounds playlist and let the body relax.

In short, having beautiful skin is a life-long process but a truly rewarding one.